Dopamine represents an essential neurotransmitter for motivation, focus and productivity. Our brain is consisted of approx 100 billion neurons that with each communicate through other brain molecule known as neurotransmitters.
Dopamine is a vital transmitter that plays vital role in providing drive, motivation and focus. It also plays an important role in a numerous mental disorders such as depression, addictions, ADHD and schizophrenia.

This motivation molecule significantly improve you focus, drive and concentration. It is also responsible for making you competitive. In fact, dopamine makes you have feeling of euphoria, enjoyment and bliss. Unfortunately, dopamine deficiency can cause many serious issues such as depression, poor concentration, poor motivation and lethargy.

Here are the Most Common Symptoms and Signs Of Dopamine Deficiency

You can experience low energy and motivation if you have low levels of dopamine. However, most of the people are more likely to rely on caffeine or sugar to get through the day. The signs of dopamine deficiency are very similar to those of depression:

• Sleep problems
• Low libido
• Hopelessness
• Memory loss
• Procrastination
• Apathy
• Inability to feel pleasure
• Difficulty concentrating
• Lack of motivation
• Mood swings
• Fatigue
Self destructive behaviors in order to elevate their dopamine levels are common for people who suffer from dopamine deficiency! These self-destructive behaviors include abuse and use of caffeine, sugar, drugs, alcohol, shopping, video games, sex, power and gambling!

How To Boost Your Dopamine Levels Naturally

You should definitely implement the following foods into your daily diet.
Dopamine is consisted of tyrosine – and essential amino acid. You will significantly stimulate the production of dopamine by following a diet high in tyrosine:

• Apples
• Fava beans
• Lima beans
• Sesame and pumpkin seeds
• Bananas
• Beets
• Watermelon
• Almonds
• Wheat germ
• Animal products
• Green tea
• Green leafy veggies
• Sea veggies
• Coffee
• Oatmeal
• Avocado
• Chocolate
• Turmeric

Your gut health may be affected by the production of dopamine so foods full of probiotics such as yogurt, kefir and raw sauerkraut can induce the production of dopamine.

You should also take supplements that will elevate your dopamine levels totally naturally:

• Curcumin – the active ingredient present in turmeric can significantly elevate the levels of dopamine in your body.
• Gingko biloba is an extremely effective supplement that treats many brain related problems such as poor concentration, anxiety, headaches, forgetfulness, mental confusion, fatigue and depression.
• L-theanine represent powerful ingredient consisted in green tea that significantly increases the levels of dopamine in the body.
• Phosphatidylserine regulates nutrients and waste in and out of the brain. It boosts ADHD, memory, concentration, learning and elevates your dopamine levels.


Many scientific studies have proved that meditation has been connected to increased creativity, improved learning ability, deep relaxation and also improves concentration and focus.

Get Regular Exercises

Since it enhances nutrient flow to the brain, stimulates new brain cell production and slows down brain cell aging, regular exercise has extremely positive effect on your brain functions!
You can also go for a walk or do exercises such as tai chi, yoga, qi gong etc.

Here is How To Keep Optimal Dopamine Levels By Using Your Brain’s Reward System

Simply Enjoy The Quest

Whenever our ancestors found a new patch of berries, they got dopamine surge. In order to enjoy the quest in modern life, you can use different healthy ways.
You can download new music, look for specialty ingredients to cook with.

Create Long and Short Term Goals

Dopamine is released in the brain when you achieve a goal. Create both short term (cleaning the house, new recipe) and long term goals in order to raise the dopamine levels.

The Relation Between Dopamine and Mental Disorders


Dopamine represents major culprit of depression. There is also strong relation between depression and serotonin. Serotonin related depression is actually followed by anxiety and irritability whereas this depression is characterized by lethargy and lack of enjoyment!


Dopamine levels are also related with the onset of schizophrenia, despite the main culprit is still unknown!


Abnormality in dopamine function can cause ADHD. The prescription drugs for this issue stimulate the production of dopamine and norepinephrine.


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