Have you tried the combination of cinnamon and honey for weight loss until now? We all know that there is no magic shot for losing weight, but you can use this mixture in conjunction with exercise and proper diet and will pass food cravings quicker.
Honey by itself contains enzymes and antioxidants that have numerous healthy benefits on the body. Cinnamon also has many positive effects on your health, from lowering your cholesterol to boosting your metabolism.
Combining these two items in one “Dynamic Duo”, can make a great role in your weight loss intention.


In a cup of hot water add ½ tablespoon of cinnamon and mix well. Let it cool. Then add 1 teaspoon of organic honey. Mix again .Consume this mixture by these directions:

honey-cinnamon mix

1. In The Morning

The most important thing in the process of losing weight is to start your day in the right way. If you include this natural weight loss mechanism in your everyday routine, be sure you’ve started the day effectively.
Right after you wake up take the prepared mixture. Wait 30 minutes and then have your breakfast.
When cinnamon and honey are consumed in the morning they can help stimulate your digestive system and boost your metabolism.

2. Between Meals

Most of the people trying to lose weight will confirm that we are most weak to food temptations and cravings between meals.
Cinnamon can help lighten your appetite, so you will not be tempted to get an unhealthy snack between meals. Making good food choices is supreme when achieving weight loss goals and this mixture of honey and cinnamon can help you in that department.

3. Before Aerobic Workouts

Honey and cinnamon combination will get you more energy and your workout will be more effective. Here is how to make cardio workouts more efficient. Do it on an empty stomach and don’t eat 30 minutes after workout. This will help your body to burn more calories. Cinnamon and honey with their boosting nature will intensify the effects of your workout.

4. Before Bedtime

The period between dinner and going to bed for sleep is maybe the hardest when you attempting weight loss. Late night snacking will only hold you back in your ambition.
Therefore cinnamon and honey will be your friend during this time.
Honey will help in cravings for sweets and cinnamon will help you reset your digestive system during the night.