A beautiful model from Australia,  Miranda Kerr shares why she thinks that blood type nutrition the best suits her and is responsible for her fit, healthy physique.
Before Kerr walked into the modeling world she was interesting in a nutrition science and had even entered at University to study health and nutrition psychology.

This 26-year-old beauty started with this blood-type diet, six years ago when she start reading the book by naturopath Peter D’Adamo, “Eat Right For Your Type”. She said that after reading the book she started to follow this diet and found that has more energy and felt great about it.

This form of nutrition is based on the basis that some foods are more harmonious with individual blood types.
Many celebrity follow this diet including Elizabeth Hurley, Courteney Cox Arquette and Demi Moore.

According to D’Adamo people that have type-O blood should have diet that first humans had, because this is the earliest blood type. That means a diet rich in proteins, while type-B people should avoid chicken and wheat. And for the AB blood types the diet recommends to eat small meals periodically and to combine their food well.

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Miranda Kerr has type-A blood and follows a vegetarian diet that contains organic vegetables, legumes and fresh juices. This model of Victoria’s Secret says that it is very easy to follow her diet and training regime. She also says, she carries some healthy snacks with her all the time. Some of her favorite are organic blueberries and almonds, avocado with some sea salt, Fuji apple with almond butter.

Kerr meditates and practices yoga regularly. She says that calming exercises are also good for A- blood type people.
But medical fraternity sees with skepticism this blood-type diet . Sharon Natoli, dietitian from Food & Nutrition- Australia says that blood type can’t be linked with what is good to eat and she does not recommends this kind of a diet as a continuing eating plan.

Kerr follows her diet strictly but sometimes she allows herself some pleasures, like dark chocolate or chocolate pie that her nana makes. She believes in a life with balance, so she eats 80% healthy, organic foods and 20% spoiling foods.
Another important thing that Kerr includes in her nutrition is noni juice. She is a great promoter of the juice and it has become part of her new skincare line. She says that noni juice can heal not only on a constitutional level but also it is valuable for skin health.