Activated charcoal or activated carbon has been used for many different medicinal and health purposes for centuries. Today it’s most common use is in tablet form for preventing symptoms of diarrhea and to relieve indigestion. But, more recently this form of carbon has become famous for its ability to detoxify the body.
Activated charcoal can absorb toxins, poisons and chemicals before they may harm your body. Charcoal is not absorbed by the body, so it moves through the digestive system attaching on to any unneeded chemicals or toxins you may have digested. This means that charcoal is the perfect tool if you have a detox on your mind, because it will make the whole process more effective. You’ll find that plenty of vitamin waters and detox juices that use charcoal as a main ingredient to help the body toxins.


Charcoal is also great at easing gas and bloating after you’ve eaten some heavy meal.

Some people have experienced in curing a nasty hangover with charcoal. And although it can’t actually soak up the alcohol, eventually it will soak up any poisons and toxins that are part of some drinks.
If you have a bad stomach issue, whether it’s vomiting or diarrhea, then charcoal tablets may be a key solution. The carbon will soak up any viruses or bacteria that the body may be carrying, and make you feel better in no time.

activated charcoal for teeth whitening
Charcoal has been confirmed to improve oral hygiene. It can absorb the toxins and the plaque from the mouth, leaving the teeth whiter and the breath fresh.
Activated charcoal is found in pharmacies and health shops in tablets, powder form, and even in biscuit form. Chose the one type that suits you the most and include it in your daily diet. You will feel the benefits soon. Just remember to drink plenty of water, as charcoal can dehydrate your body.