Probably we all have some memories when our grandmother made us a delicious dandelion syrup. But what we did not know is the new discovery that dandelion root can help people with cancer diagnosis.

Scientists have affirmed that dandelion root is more effective than chemotherapy. This is for the reason that drugs damage all cells, while this root only destroys cancer cells.

A team of researchers from Canada, at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Windsor, made the opening research and the results were positive and hopeful for all people suffering from cancer. It’s been proven that dandelion root can kill cancer cells, not damaging the healthy cells.

dandelion tea

Within 48 hours, dandelion root tea can disintegrate the affected cells, without changing a single healthy cell. Scientists believe that a persistent treatment with dandelion root may kill cancer cells. This discovery gave the researchers further support to continue with the exploration on this root.

This is the story of one man who was struggling with cancer. John Carlo, 72 had cancer diagnosis. He had experienced an aggressive chemotherapy treatment. The doctors made all the effort to find a powerful solution for him, but seemed like nothing else they can do. That was 3 years ago, when hospital released John to spend his ultimate days with the family. Then someone gave John advice to consume dandelion root tea. In four months he had a remission, which means that cancer signs and symptoms were gone and cancer disappeared.