Varicose veins happened when the veins lose their elasticity. They become worse by the pressure that you put on them when you sit or stand a lot. Pregnancy can also increase the possibility of varicose veins.
Many women get varicose veins. Some of them accept their condition and others can’t wait to remove them. Besides that varicose veins are considered as a cosmetic problem they can also indicate some more dangerous condition that you might have.
Lots of people have turned to folk remedies in order to get rid of varicose veins. Most of us know about the health benefits of tomatoes, but did you know that they can help in healing varicose veins. Here we are presenting two treatment methods with green and red tomatoes.

cure varicose veins with the help of tomatoes
Green Tomatoes
After you wash a few green tomatoes, cut them into 5 mm rings. Place the rings on the areas with varicose veins. Fix them with some bandage. Leave them like that until you feel tingling on the skin. If the sensation is too strong, remove them or wait for some time to feel a burning. Next, you should wash the area with cool water. Repeat this procedure five times a day, in a row.
If this showed to be successful for you, expect the positive results in two weeks. The nodes should begin to disappear and pain and swelling as well.

Red Tomatoes Treatment
Wash the tomatoes and cut them into 5 mm rings. Apply the tomatoes on the veins and wrap them with some bandage. Leave it for 3-4 hours, but replace them from time to time. Repeat this every evening. You can also combine this method with the previous.
Tomatoes have powerful healing properties that come from their seeds. They contain an acidic substance that is effective as aspirin. This substance can dilute the blood and acts as an anticoagulant. Plus, the flavonoids in the tomatoes strengthen the blood vessels.