The latest research has shown that people who consume Indian spicy foods have significantly lowered risks of developing dementia. This study has also proved that that compound found in turmeric decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s. Due to the large amounts of turmerone in almost all curries, you can treat different health issues such as Alzheimer’s and stroke in which brain cells are lost.

The NSC (neutral stem cells) in the adult brains has an extremely important role in the recovery from neurodegenerative issues.
There is expansion of two regions in the brain the hippocampus and subventricualr when the turmerone was injected into the rat.

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Many studies are still discovering the health properties of the compounds found in turmeric. However, it is absolutely sure that curcumin – the anti-inflammatory agent in turmeric fights cancer and many other chronic diseases.

Additional studies are required in order to prove that turmerone can completely cure issues such as Alzheimer’s.
The death of brain cells are actually the greatest reason for Alzheimer’s. In fact, this study is finding that how the death of these cells happen.
We hope that the scientist will find the exact cure for diseases such as dementia where the people can get rid of it forever.


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