New researches show that a natural compound in cocoa can reverse memory loss that is age-related.
Dark chocolate improves cerebral attributes and blood flow in the part of the brain crucial for memory. It can also help people having problems with high levels of anxiety to lower their stress.
Some studies show that if you eat 40 grams of 75% cocoa dark chocolate 14 days it can affect on the way of metabolization of stress hormones.

dar chocolate benefits

But unsweetened, raw cocoa powder which has high level of antioxidant is very different from other profitable cocoa drinks that are full with sugar and have less antioxidant.

Cocoa powder itself or dark chocolate with 75% or more cocoa is definitely the best source of antioxidant.
Dark chocolate and cocoa are rich in iron, magnesium, fiber, coper and have mixture of powerful antioxidants that make them a very healthy and nutritious “ food”.

Here are some other benefits of consuming dark chocolate:

• It contains serotonin, an anti-depressant
• It can reduce bad cholesterol
• It boosts endorphins, important to feel pleasant
• It is good for your heart
• It can protect your skin from sun

Bottom line
If you are weak on chocolate next time grab a quality one (dark with 70% and up cocoa) and enjoy it knowing the fact that is good for your health.