When we ask the question where does our body store toxins? The answer is –in fat. This is sad, but also true. Therefore, to help get rid of the embarrassing presence of cellulite, it is crucial to remove the toxins accumulated in our bodies. Without taking action, the storage of toxins will just grow, making cellulite more bad looking as time passes.
According to one CNN article, cellulite is the issue that concerns 90% of women. Dermatologists from the University of Grenoble inform that the extract of cinnamon can be very effective in eliminating cellulite. In the experiment participated 80 women with cellulite problem. Half of the women were treated with special anti-cellulite massages and masks, while the rest were exposed to treatment with cinnamon oil. The result was that in the first group cellulite was reduced for 10% and in the second group for 60%.

cinnamon-cellulite removal
Cinnamon is among the most popular spices and its incredible health power is due to the high concentration of antioxidants. The connection between reduction in cellulite and cinnamon is made on a very logical base. Cellulite is associated with poor circulation and cinnamon improves circulation in the body, helping to stimulate the removal of built-up toxins, as well as cellulite, in the organism.
To get the most of the cinnamon benefits include this amazing spice in your daily diet. Sprinkle it over your oatmeal or cereals, or add it in your favorite smoothie, tea or coffee.