These days it is much tastier and easier for children to become addicted to real drugs.
The FDA allowed candy-flavored amphetamine for six or older children, that have ADHD. The label says the drug has a “high potential for abuse and dependence”, and this is not which parents want for their children.
Active ingredients in this drug are making children addicted to this sweet candy, making them to want more and more. Many healthcare professionals are worried about possible addiction, but Neos Therapeutics hasn’t stopped producing this drug.

Candy-Flavored Amphetamine For Kids Approved By FDA Despite Their Side Effects Like Heart Attacks
This pharmaceutical company, based in Dallas, continues with Adzenys XR-ODT, the name of the new form of meth. The company’s CEO, Vipin Garg says that they are working now at full speed and they hope getting ahead of back to school season.
Neos Therapeutics’ sales representatives are already on appointments with physicians, trying to get the drug on the market.
The government is pushing these gummy drugs because it can make a profit out of it, while lawmakers are trying to ban cannabis edibles that look like sweet treats.
Maybe lawmakers are ignoring the development of these drugs, but citizens cannot, because the use of this kind medications, in this case Adderall, have increased by 67 %.
The side effects range from weak to sudden death, which is happening in adults.
Side effects also include hallucinations, fever, hair loss, strokes, psychotic episodes and dangerously high blood pressure. So, there is no help for children with this drug over Adderall, which has almost the same active ingredients, but at best it doesn’t look and taste like candy.
Although there is evidence how dangerous are these drugs, despite the fact that they can kill, they are still offered to children. The FDA still claims that they are effective and safe in treating ADHD and narcolepsy.