Rudolf Brojs ia a scientist from Austria, who has dedicated his whole life to find the natural cure for cancer.
In fact, he made a special juice that works great in treating cancer. With this method he has already cured more than 45, 000 people from cancer and other difficult diseases. Brojs believes that cancer can survive just with the help of proteins.

anti cancer juice
He designed a special diet which lasts for 42 days. He recommends drinking only tea and the vegetable juice he has designed, with beetroot as its main component. In this period of 42 days, the cancer cells first starve and then die, while your overall health will be improved.
For the preparation of his special juice you will need organic vegetables.

Here are the needed ingredients:

• Beetroot (55%),
• Carrots (20%),
• Potatoes (3%)
• Radishes (2%)
• Celery root (20%),

The preparation is very simple. Just put all the ingredients in a blender and your juice is ready for consumption.
You should drink of this juice as much as your body requires and be careful not to over do it.

Beetroot is high in antioxidants, C, B1, B2, B6 vitamins, pantothenic and folic acid, and the minerals – magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, iron, zinc. It is considered as one of the most healthiest vegetables. Its red color comes from magenta pigments called betacyanins.
Lots of studies have confirmed that beetroot is extremely effective in treatments against leukemia and cancer.
Beets contain betaine, which is an amino acid with strong anticancer properties. Also, it has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Studies show that betaine can destroy cells in the tumor tissues.
Beetroot is useful for the treatment of different types of cancer and the results of one study confirmed that 100% of subjects suffering from cancer responded positively to beet treatment.
Beetroot has high levels of folic acid and therefore is beneficial for pregnant women. It prevents constipation and boosts the function of the gall bladder and liver. It helps with toothaches, headaches, dysentery, bone problems, menstrual pains and skin issues. It’s a real all-purpose medicinal plant which everyone should include it in their diet.