Potato with its nutritive values is a super food loved in the entire world. But do you know that potato also can be a great source of power.
Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that boiled potato, for 8 minutes, produces energy for battery 10 times more than a raw one.

Can You Believe  A Potato Battery Can Light Up A Room For Over A Month
Between a zinc anode and a copper cathode they used small units made of a quarter-slice of potato sandwiches, connected by a wire. Professor Haim Rabinowitch with his team, made this experiment to prove that this system can prove LED-powered lighting that can last for a 40 days.
One potato is able to charge a cell phone battery or other personal electronics. This can be very useful in undeveloped and poor regions.
But to make it clear, the potato is not a really an electric source, it can only help in conducting the electricity by behaving as a salt-bridge among two metals. Actually the potato allows the electrons to flow freely across the wire and to create electricity.
Other fruits rich with electrolytes can make this reaction too. Bananas and strawberries are some of them.
The scientist chooses the potatoes because they are fourth world most abundant crop.
The spuds were a good idea because they are full with starchy tissue, and when the potato is boiled it breaks down the resistance in the dense flesh and electrons can flow free. If the potato is cut in 4 or 5 pieces it is more efficient.
To make your own potato battery kit all you need is potato, two metal electrodes and alligator clips. The professor’s Rabinowitch device is designed that way that a new boiled potato can be inserted every time when one potato runs out of juice.
Alligator clips help in transporting the positive and the negative input of the light corm and also serve to transport the carrying wires that are attached to the electrodes.
At the end if we do the math, seems that potato light corm is cheaper than one kerosene lamp.


Source: healthadvisorgroup.com