Bow legs condition is also called Genu Varum. This is a condition where the knees arch out, and the ankles are together, while feet point straight ahead.
There are different causes, few symptoms and some methods how to prevent the bow legs condition.



Infant are born with this condition because the folded position in the womb. Usually this condition corrects itself when the child begins to walk.
Children who still have this issue may have abnormal development of the bones. This can happen because of a disease, lack of nutrients or poisoning.
For instance, Rickets disease happens when a child doesn’t metabolize enough Vitamin D.
Broken bones healed improperly can be another cause of this condition.


Bowlegs are determined by observation.
Some people may have difficulty when walking.
Usually young children don’t feel any pain, while teenagers may feel pain in the knees, joints of the ankles, or hips.
If a person doesn’t prevent this condition, it is more likely to increase the risk of arthritis.


A blood test can disclose the presence of Rickets and also X-rays are needed to confirm the deformity of the bones and to diagnose a condition.
Depending on the cause, bow legs can be avoided. Make sure your children take enough Vitamin D. Also, it is good to expose them enough to sunlight.
In some cases, surgery is necessary, if the bowing is severe.
It is very hard to treat this condition at older people, so it is the best to diagnose this condition and treat it as young as possible.
In the video below you can watch how to straighten the bow legs: