Did you know that almost 80% of the garlic in the world actually comes from China. For example, last year U.S imported about 138 million pounds of garlic. If you think that the garlic, you buy is grown in California, then you are wrong. It is shipped from China. And if you see “organic” certification on garlic imported from China, you shouldn’t trust their methods.


Why you should be worried about this?
Because this garlic is bleached! It is sprayed with dangerous chemicals to destroy insects, to stop sprouting and to become whiter.
Also, it is grown in unhealthy sewage, and the amount of methyl bromide, is imprecise. They use the methyl bromide to disinfect the garlic from the bugs.
This substance can cause various health problems, as damage on the central nervous system, the respiratory system and even death.
Another, very dangerous compounds found in this garlic are sulfates and lead. It is treated with ground inhibitors, then left in cold place and exposed to over-storage. And when the garlic is over-stored, allicin, the main and healthiest component, starts to decrease.

This is how you can notice the difference between the imported garlic and California grown garlic:

• American garlic is richer in flavor than the Chinese one.
• American garlic has roots left on it.
• American garlic weights more.

Don’t forget these tips, because it is very important to intake healthy and safe food.