We are set on making certain dietary and lifestyle changes whenever we are facing some kind of health issues. The same case is for hormonal imbalance, an issue which affects most of the world’s population.
Digestive issues, headaches, ranging time between cycles, PMS and menstrual problems are some of the symptoms which indicate hormonal imbalance. Today we will present you a few ancient Chinese herbs that completely restore the balance of your hormones.

1. Chinese red dates

These red dates will significantly improve your Qi energy and can be consume raw, added to your soups and smoothies. These fruits can be bought in almost every Chinese market.

2. Black sesame seeds

This seed will boost the function of your kidneys, liver and it is also excellent for digestive issues and hair. Implement this seed into your diet as soon as possible in order to gain its amazing health benefits!

3. Lotus seed

This seed boosts your blood chart and regulates your hormones as well. It also improves the reproductive system of both females and males and treats insomnia and anxiety. You can add this seed to veggie or rice dish. Note: do not consume this seed if you suffer from bloating or constipation.

4. White peony root

This root nourishes the yin and calms the liver and resolves issues connected to your period. You can consume it with your soup, tea, salad etc.

5. American ginseng

American ginseng is far more effective Chinese ginseng. This herb supports the work of the hypothalamus and boosts the yin. This powerful herb also helps you sleep better and boosts your digestive system and libido.

6. Chinese wild yam

It is ideal for people who lack yang or Qi. It restores the natural hormonal balance, improves the function of the kidneys and boosts the process of digestion. This healthy fruit can be bought in every health store.

7. Longan fruit

This extremely healthy fruit is excellent against insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. It nourishes the blood and clears your mind. This fruit is often added to your oatmeal or desserts.

8. Astragalus root

This root boosts the creation of energy in the body and it is excellent for anemia. It significantly boosts your energy levels and improves your immunity.

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9. Dang Gui

It is ideal for those who suffer from yin deficiency and improves the blood chart. It also restores the hormonal imbalance and can be consumed with soups in a form of tea etc.

10. Goji berries

These berries are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. It significantly boosts your yin and can be consumed in a form of oatmeal or tea. Goji berries are excellent if you suffer from headaches, brittle nails or dry eyes.
The implementation of these herbs will improve your overall health and provide your body with large amounts of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.


Article source: simpleside.net