Baking soda is the most inexpensive remedy with a wide range of benefits.
We can use it to fight colds to cancer, for oral health, cosmetics and so much more.
Health benefits include prevention of diarrhea, acidity, metabolic acidosis, peptic ulcer.
Baking soda is also a good source of sodium, and prevents bladder infection, hyperkalemia and kidney stones. It has antipruritic properties and it’s good for healthy skin.
Here we will present you uses of baking soda that you haven’t heard yet.

Old Wives’ Remedy

• After an intensive exercise, you can drink water, mixed with baking soda, to relieve your muscles.
• You can remove fungus and grime from your nails just by scrubbing it with baking soda.
• To relieve your hands and feet from itching, soreness and odor, mix 3tbs. of baking soda, 1 tbs. salt, 1 tbs. peppermint oil (essential) with warm water. Soak your feet or hands for 20 minutes.
• For fresh breath just mix water with baking soda and gargle with it.
• Baking soda is the best home remedy for white teeth. Use it instead of toothpaste.
• Mix 1 tbs. water with 1 tbs. baking soda. Use it to remove dead skin cells from your skin.
• Baking soda is good for relieving insect bites, bee stings, itching from oak, ivy, etc.
• Baking soda mix with water is also good for herpes and canker sores. It dry them very fast.

Baking Soda Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Use

Remedies For Acid Reflux

½ tbs. of baking soda mix with 2 tbs. of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Wait to stop the bubbling and add 8 oz. water. Drink it all at once. It will relieve acid reflux and it will create an alkaline environment in your body.
For heartburn or GERD symptoms, mix 16 oz. water with ½ tbs. of baking soda.

Other Baking Soda Remedies

• Dr. Mark Sircus, in his book “Sodium Bicarbonate” explains how to protect yourself from cancer and diabetes and how to prevent systematic fungal. He recommends a mixture of molasses and baking soda.
• For urinary tract infection drink mixture of ½ tbs. of baking soda and 8 oz. water, twice a day.
• For thrombosis drink baking soda mixed with lemon juice.
• Bathing in warm water mixed with 1 tbs. of baking soda will kill Candida yeast.


Pregnant women, or children under 5 should not use this remedies.
Using baking soda may have some side effects, so first consult with your doctor, especially if you are taking some medications.
One more important thing: never use baking soda dry, only dissolved in liquid, and never use it more than 14 days.


Source:healthy life tricks