Thousands of people suffer from arthritis pain and aches. However, today we will present you the most effective remedies, exercises and foods that will relieve your pain naturally.

Ginger Tea

Many studies have proved that this tea is excellent in case of arthritis. It has no side effect such as many medications so you can consume it on food, cooked, raw or powdered. You can also buy tea bags or make your own ginger tea. Simmer a tbsp of ginger tea for 15 min in a 2-3 cups of boiling water.

Consume foods that fight inflammation

Do not forget that you must ditch the processed, fried, junk and fast foods. The latest Swedish research has shown that people who switched to Mediterranean diet (herbs, onions, garlic, nuts, olive oil, fish, whole grains veggies and fruits), regained some physical activity as a result and had less inflammation.

Fragrant spices

Lavender decreases the levels of cortisol (stress hormone), which can actually feel less aware of pain and relaxed.
However, the studies have shown that lavender is not only the one aroma that acts as natural remedy, peppermint, rosemary and marjoram can also relieve arthritis. Add a tsp of one of these powerful herbs in a quarter cup of vegetable oil for aromatherapy.

Wash your dishes by hand

Do not forget that this exercise keeps your fingers and hands mobile and the hot water relaxes the joints and muscles.

Prepare a capsaicin cream

This powerful remedy is extremely effective against this issue. You should simply mix a 3 tsp of olive oil and few dashes of ground cayenne. Apply the resulting mixture on the affected areas a few times a day. Do not forget that you should keep it away from your mouth and eyes.


Chamomile tea poultice

This anti-inflammatory tea is great in the fight against arthritis. Soak some clean cloth into this tea and place to the affected area.

Go for a swim

This popular activity is excellent for those who suffer from arthritis pain. It significantly boosts hip and knee flexibility, decreases the pain and strengthens the body.

Consume green tea

Many studies have shown that the consumption of green tea reduces cartilage damage and improves arthritis related immune response.

Add cloves to your nutrition

The presence of anti-inflammatory in cloves significantly slowing the bone and cartilage damage. Take one half to one tsp on a daily basis.

Consume foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids

These acids are ideal at soothing joints and relieving inflammation. Tuna and salmon are among the best dietary sources. You can also take omega 3 supplements because the body may need greater amounts of omega 3s. Do not forget to replace corn oil with canola oil because it is full of omega 3 fatty acids.

You should also:

• Prepare Ginger poultice
• Walk barefoot
• Increase the intake of calcium
• Increase the intake of magnesium
• Increase the intake of turmeric
• Get enough vitamin C
• Soak up some sun