One of the most important pieces of cosmetic of every woman is certainly her lipstick. Dull shade or a sparkling lip gleam improves your look.

If you use lipstick most of the time, then your lips will get darker and will eventually lose their natural pink color. Also, darker colored and rough lips are common for those women who smoke.
Some other factors that may contribute to the darker color of your lips are exposure to the sun and caffeine. So, you probably must be thinking constantly how to get that previous baby rosy glow of your lips.
Today in this article we will present you a magical 100% natural recipe that will restore the gentle pink color of your lips. It will also give smoothness and softness to your lips.

The recipe:

• 1 cup of lemon juice
• 1 tsp. of sugar (crystal)

• Squeeze lemons to make one cup of lemon juice
• Then add one tsp. of sugar in it
• Combine well until the sugar is dissolved
• Spread the mixture on your lips and then scrub them gently
• With warm water, rinse off the dead cells from the lips
• Apply some lemon juice on your lips before going to bed and let it overnight
• Repeat this extremely effective procedure every day for one week and get back your soft and pink lips.

Remember to remove the lipstick every night before going to bed and to apply some lemon juice on the lips. This habit will keep the skin on your lips lip healthy and will maintain the pink glow of your lips.
Don’t waste your time, start this procedure from today and bring back the glowing of your lips.