The first sign of aging are wrinkles. Smoking, drugs, stress, poor diet, pollution are the other reasons for wrinkles. Also, exposure to UV rays can speed processing of getting wrinkles.

Amazing Face Toner That Will Make Your Wrinkles Disappear

Treating deep wrinkles is really hard. Modern, highly advertised cosmetic products, beside they are expensive and full with unhealthy additives, they cannot stop the aging process.
Natural way of treating wrinkles is the best to try because certainly can slow down the aging process.
This homemade face toner can help you fight the aging process.

Ingredients needed for preparation:

• 1 lemon
• 1/2 glass rose water
• 1/2 glass beer

Method of preparation:

Juice the lemon.
Stir well with beer and rose water.
Clean the face well, with water, before applying the mask. For easier applying you can use a cotton pad.
Leave it for a while. Wash your face and use natural face cream. For optimal results leave the toner overnight.
Next morning your skin will be softer and smoother.

Regular use of this toner will provide you beautiful, soft skin with less visible wrinkles.