Why throw coffee grounds, when you can use them properly.
After reading this you will never throw away the used coffee grounds. Here are some amazing ways you can reuse leftover coffee grounds:

Face and Body Peeling

After finishing your coffee, you can mix the ground with honey. This mixture can be used for face and body peeling. Also, it is a great remedy for cellulite.

Hair Mask

From coffee grounds you can make refreshing hair mask.
Moist your hair and apply coffee grounds on it. And leave it that way for a few minutes. After washing, your hair will have a great shine.
We don’t recommend this remedy for blondes, it can darken the hair.

Against Insects

Maybe you did not know that insects can’t stand the coffee smell. So if you have annoying insects in your home, just put the coffee ground at the place with insects. And they won’t come back.

For Cleaning the Dishes

If you have dirty dishes the coffee ground can help you clean them. Moist them and then rub them with the coffee ground and it’s done.

For Furniture Polish

You can return shine on your old furniture. Clean it this way. Mix the coffee grounds with water, and wax the furniture. Leave it for a while, and then wipe it.

For Your Garden

The coffee ground is very useful for your flowers. It will enrich the soil with minerals and it will hold moisture better.