Unhealthy diet, lack of care, wearing the wrong shoes or lack of moisture in the skin are the most common reasons for some feet issues such as dry skin, corns and cracked heels.
Fortunately, there is an effective remedy that can help you with this issue. The remedy we are about to present here is shown to be efficient in curing varicose veins, corns and cracked heels. This magical blend is made of only two ingredients and is very simple to prepare.

Heals Varicose Veins And Cracked Heels For 10 Days
Method of Preparation:

In a small pot crumble 10 aspirins. Pour over them with 250ml 70% alcohol and stir. Let the mixture sit like that for a day or two.

How to use:

Stir the blend every night and soak a clean piece of cotton in it. Put the cotton on your heels and wrap with a plastic wrap. Put on socks and leave on overnight. When you wake up, rinse your feet and dry them with a towel. Next, apply some fatty cream or glycerol.
This amazing remedy will supposed to give positive results in ten days.

Source:healthy food house