The procedure for terminal cancer patients

This procedure almost every dentist knows and they always tell you that it is safe and there is no place for worry. People usually agree, because they don’t know nothing about it.

What kind of procedure is that?

It is named root canal. The dead teeth and under specific conditions, spill toxins into the bloodstream, which can lead to many health issues. But according to the American Dental Association, these root canals are verified as safe.

World’s greatest dentist

Dr. Weston was a dentist that has done a huge service to the public health. While he traveled around the world, studies bones and teeth, around 1900 he was already treating infections of the root canal.
In one case, after he extracted toxic tooth, the patient’s arthritis was gone.
Dr. Weston discovered that is not possible to sterilize the root canal. Furthermore, many health issues, like diseases of brain, joints and nervous system, originate from it.
He found 16 bacterial accents that cause these conditions. Dr. Weston’s books, were recognized 70 years later, by the endodontist Dr. George Meing, which is one of the members of the American Associations of Endodontist and dentist of many TV stars.

97 Of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Procedure 1

Root – trigger of many diseases

There are many toxic pathogens in the tubules of the dead tooth. These pathogens can’t wait to spread, and there is no proper sterilization for them. Usually, the bacteria and the infection spread down into the jawbone. There, it creates cavitation that sometimes can cause gangrene.
If the person has a strong immune system, then the bacteria will be destroyed. But, if the immune system is weak, then it goes into the blood stream and spreads to the heart, bones, kidneys and even neurological diseases can appear.
Also, it was found a connection between breast cancer and root canals. 93% of women that fight breast cancer had root canals.
So if something dies inside the human body, it needs to be removed immediately. This way the gangrene, and different infections and diseases will be prevented.

Avoid Root Canal

Many people who have a root canal, risk their health. As long as the immune system is good, there are no worries. But, if not, you should consider removing the tooth.
If you decide to do the surgery then consider partial denture which is least expensive and simplest option. Another option is: bridge, which is a permanent fixture of the tooth, or implant, which is implanted artificial titanium tooth.
Also, very important, the patient must mention to the dentist to remove the periodontal ligament, which is good ground for deadly bacteria.
Find and consult different dentists in order to have the best and safe performance.