Annette Larkins is a woman from Florida that 27 years ago decided to start following a raw vegan diet. At that time she was already vegetarian, but she wanted to go one step further. The motive that inspired her was to improve and maintain good health. But what she got from that exceeded her expectations and made her well known in the raw vegan community.

From the video below you can hear her story:


Mrs. Larkins grows fruits and vegetables by herself, and she drinks rain water, with which she also water her plants. Her back garden is some kind of a food factory and she eats everything from there.
Annette Larkins follows a diet that includes raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and juices. She makes her own wheatgrass and does a lot of sprouting. This sounds like a full time job, but it is definitely worth it.
This woman looks amazing and you will probably think she is in her forties, but the truth is she is a grandmother, with children in their fifties, and she is seventy years old. Mrs. Larkins has discovered her fountain of youth, in the form of a healthy nutrition and lifestyle. She is against any medication and believes in natural remedies.

70 year old woman declares her fountain of youth 1

And if you might think that Annette has good genetic predispositions you are wrong. Her grandmother and mother both died of breast cancer very young, at 36 and 47 years old. Her grandmother’s sisters also died of cancer prematurely. Moreover, many members of her family suffered from diabetes. That is why this energetic lady decided to make crucial lifestyle changes and take things in her hands.
Besides that Annette is looking amazing, she also explains how energizing she feels since going raw. She leads a very active and creative life. She speaks three languages and possesses an extensive library.
Raw food nutrition has been valued many times for its well-being and health improving effects. It includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans that have not been processed to a temperature above 40 to 49 °C. To make raw food meals you usually need a blender, juicer, food processor and dehydrator. With some helpful ideas you can prepare tasty meals and enjoy your healthy lifestyle.
Annette Larkins is definitely an inspiration in so many ways. So, why don’t you try changing some of your lifestyle choices?