If you have issues with joint pain, headaches, digestive problems, constipation, etc. probably you are dehydrated.

Considering that 60% of our bodies consist of water, it is in our interest to rehydrate it daily.
But a very important thing is that must drink warm water, not cold.

What Does Cold Water Do To You?

According to European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, this is what happens to your body if you drink cold water:
• It creates excess mucus and increases the likelihood of getting sick
• The blood vessels become smaller and limit the digestive abilities
• Your body works harder because it’s trying to regulate colder temperatures, instead to turn eaten food into energy
• It solidifies the fats, which are harder for the body to digest them.

7 Reasons to Drink Warm Water

Traditional Hindu Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine preached to drink warm water for centuries.
These are the benefits of it:

1. Improves Metabolism

Drinking warm water promotes a healthier and quicker metabolism. You should drink warm water, first thing in the morning, with a squish of lemon juice to kick start your metabolism.

2. Boosts Digestion

When you are drinking a glass of warm water you flush all the toxins from your body. Hot water breaks down oils and foods much faster. If you want to digest the food easier then drink warm water after the meal.

3. Cleans and Purifies Your Blood

Ayurvedic medicine teaches us to store the water in a copper vessel. They claim that copper purify the blood and kill bacteria. To increase natural detoxification process in your body, drink warm water from a copper container, in the morning.

4. Fights Obesity and High Cholesterol

A combination of warm water and lemon is beneficial for the people who suffer from diabetes. Also, it breaks the buildup in the arteries. This combination can regulate your weight and blood sugar levels.
The Institute for Traditional Medicine recommends to consume warm water this way after the food digest.

5. Eases Constipation

If you have constipation and feel bloated, this might be a result of a dehydration. Drinking warm water on a daily basis will keep the bowel movements regular.
It is recommended to consume it on an empty stomach.

6. Lowers Mucus Accumulation

One study explored the effects of chicken soup, hot water and cold water on mucus accumulation. Participants that consumed hot water decreased the mucus in their throat, nose and gastrointestinal tract.
This shows that warm water keeps mucus moving and doesn’t allow the bacteria to grow and remain in those areas.

7. Makes You Friendlier

A recent study published in Science claims that consuming hot beverage improves the mood. Scientists have theorized that the human brain processes “warmth” almost the same way as we judge people.
For example, if you hold a cup of hot coffee while looking at a “certain person” you will perceive them much warmer than if you hold a cup of iced coffee.
The pleasurable feeling while drinking warm water might help you to see people as more pleasurable or “warmer”.


Source; thehearthysoul.com