Hormonal changes can affect anyone at any stadium of their life. Hormonal balance is an essential factor for having good health. Hormonal imbalance happens not only as a result of our lifestyle and diet, but it can also be triggered by the pollution, toxins and some synthetic chemicals called xenoestrogens that act like estrogen in our bodies. There are many symptoms of hormonal imbalance and this list shows the most common.

7 Symptoms For Detecting Any Kind Of Hormonal Imbalance

1. Constant fatigue
This is one of the most common symptoms that your hormone levels are not normal. No matter how much you rest or sleep you are always feeling tired. Some easy nutritional changes like cutting off wheat and most grains will help you normalize your blood sugar levels.
2. Night sweats
Sweating at night is the first annoying sign of hormonal imbalance. It will be good if you start a food journal to write down what you drink and eat and how are you feeling physically.
3. Persistent weight gain.
Lifestyle, physical activity and diet are the components to maintain a healthy weight, but many people have problems to maintain a healthy weight as a result of a hormonal imbalance. Small changes in your diet, such as eliminating processed foods, wheat and sugars are the right steps to be taken.

4. Skin and hair changes
If you start noticing some changes on your skin and hair it is quite possible that something is wrong with your hormonal balance. Also, your body hair may start to grow in areas where normally doesn’t growing.

5. Irregular menstrual periods
Women suffering from hormonal imbalance may have irregular menstrual periods that come earlier or later or earlier than usual.
6. Emotional problems, anxiety and depression
Often mood changes usually with no particular reasons are just one sign that your hormonal balance is not normal. Depression and anxiety are signs that you have an imbalance, are overworked, toxicity, stressed out and is most likely that you are not taking care of your body as it needs.
7. Digestion problems
Gas, bloating and poor digestion are common hormonal issues that aren’t usually linked with hormonal imbalances, but they may be connected with eating junk foods, not chewing the food well and overeating. When we don’t have normal digestion, our body is starving because of low nutrient extraction.