In the morning my alarm plays the song “Beautiful day” by U2. Even if it’s raining outside I am saying to myself it’s going to be a beautiful day. This way to start your day combined with some other habits leads to a healthy, productive and happy day. There are many things you can do every morning to have a healthier life.

Here are some of them:

1. First thing in the morning drink one glass of water

It helps to rehydrate your body, stimulates your digestive tract. You will be aware of the positive changes like improved digestion and clearer skin. It’s even better if you mix it with apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice.



2. Wait at least an hour before you check your mobile phone or email

Are you among those thousands of people that put their cell phone near their bed and the first thing they wake up is to grab it? This is definitely a bad habit. If you try to confront the temptation to read your email or facebook and delay it for an hour you’ll realize how your mind is clearer and happier.

3. Name one thing that makes you feel grateful for

This will prepare you to be positive during the day. It’s even better If you can think of three or more things.

4. Go outside and breed with full strength

Feel the fresh air no matter how cold is outside. This will take 10 seconds. You will feel the energy of being alive and breathing.

happy life

5. Move your body

Necessarily this does not mean that you have to do some intensive workout before breakfast. All you have to do is a little shaking of your body like a few stretches or some dancing on your favorite music. This is good for speed up your blood flow.

6. Prepare yourself a healthy breakfast and enjoy it

Instead of grabbing a package of cereal, focus on eating some real foods. Soaked oats, eggs and smoothies are some of the options that don’t need much time to be prepared.

7. Say your confirmations

Stand in front of the mirror and speak something positive and inspirational to yourself. For example:

• I spread beauty, grace and confidence.
• My body consists of healthy and vital cells.
• It feels great when taking care of my body and health.