Health issues and common pains like headaches, stomach aches, being overweight, toxicity, inflammatory diseases and lack of energy can be helped excessively just by utilizing the power of a few potent spices and herbs.

These items you can find almost in every local store and get them for a really affordable price.
The nice thing about using spices and herbs in your everyday life is because the possibilities are simply endless. Many of their applications and uses overlap each other.


thyme healthy herb

Thyme is maybe one of the most utilized herbs. It has the power to completely calm down menstrual cramps. This herb can be found in these forms: like an intact leaf, essential oil or gelatin capsule. It can be utilized by women and men for solving some health issues such as:

• Acne (antibacterial properties)
• Blood pressure issues
• Facilitates digestion and reduces bloating
• Respiratory issue that is caused by sore throat, cold or bronchitis


peppermint health benefits

This aromatic and refreshing herb has a calming effect on the organism. It can be found like an intact leaf or like an essential oil. This powerful herb has a wide range of uses, solving many health problems:

• For refreshing breath or to naturally whiten teeth
• Relieves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
• Calms upset stomach
• Fights inflammation
• Soothes sore muscles if applied topically

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne-Pepper healthy spice

Its spicy nature and pungent flavor are the properties for which cayenne pepper is widely used, but it can also contribute many other good things for your health. In the last years cayenne is often used to help boost the metabolism. Forms in which you can find it are: a powder, a gelatin capsule or an intact pepper. Cayenne pepper:

• Eases digestion
• Naturally enhances metabolism
• Prevents migraine headaches
• Stimulates circulation
• Provides healthy weight loss


cocoa powder benefit

Cacao is not determinately called a spice, but it can be found like a powder and in health food stores is usually sold near spices. Raw cacao powder has phenomenally powerful healthy properties. It is one of the wealthiest sources of flavonoids that help combat a huge range of diseases.
Cacao is also one very tasty healing food. Be aware to skip those chocolate products that have a small percentage of cocoa and look for unprocessed raw, organic cacao. Cacao can be used:

• In baking and smoothies to boost flavor
• In facial masks
• Added to coffee
• Added to fruit and cereal


ginger power

Ginger is helpful for many different health conditions .It can be found in form of an intact root, a powder, a gelatin capsule or an essential oil. Ginger can be efficient at:

• Reducing flatulence
• Treats nausea
• Improves digestions
• Clears throat and nose congestion


Turmeric-healing spice

This spice has intensive yellowish-orange color. It is used for helping many health problems. Turmeric is maybe best known for having the potential to combat inflammation. Forms in which you can find it are: a powder, an essential oil, an intact root or a gelatin capsule. Turmeric is helpful for:
• Fighting external and internal inflammation of the skin. It can be used topically or internally
• Boosting body’s total antioxidant capacity. This means you will be more able to combat free-radicals
• Improving neurological function
• Preventing various forms of ailments and heart disease

To gain all the benefits from turmeric you can used it in smoothies, various dishes and as ingredient of a facial masks.