Monsanto was called out by Mark Ruffalo for poisoning people

Many celebrity activists and high profile figures openly criticized Monsanto in the last few years. Serj Tankian warned Armenians via his Facebook page of accepting Monsanto into their country.

Hugh Grant (CEO of Monsanto) was also asked by Ruffalo about the morals of the company. Ruffalo proves that this company is responsible for so much sickness and misery throughout the world!

He wrote a statement published by Ecowatch where he claimed that Grant is killing bees, killing small farms, poisoning people all around the world!

Ruffalo writes:
“Monsanto is definitely doing only horrible things. You and your stuff are horrible. You will always be horrible and people will always greet you the way I did, no matter how much jumping around do on morning shows!

Unbelievably, Grant reported the following:

“Well, what I think we are doing is good.”

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