After long years of examination and hard work, scientists have finally created the first pig-human hybrid. This interspecies chimeras result means that one day scientists will be able to grow human organs that will be transplanted into people who need them. This means that thousands of people will be saved.

This experiment was developed by injecting human stem cells into the early stage pig embryos. These embryos after that developed into chimeras. They had developed organs such as liver and heart and consisted a small amount of human cells.
According to the Salk Institute in California this represents new avenue for medical therapies. These findings actually allow an organism from one spice to create organ consisted of cells from another specie.
However, the ethical implications are the things that should also be worked out!
Back in 2015, a group of scientists also created interspecies chimeras in the lab. This project has proved that human stem cells can be also developed inside other species – into mouse embryos. This study actually created a world first chimera.
Chimera represents artificial or natural development of one organism that actually containing cells from another one.
According to National Geographic, there are 2 ways to create chimera. The first one is by introducing one animal’s cells into another different embryo and leave them grow together.
The second one is by introducing the organs of one organism (animal) into another one! In this situation, the host’s immunity often causes the organ to be rejected!
The scientists are very optimistic that all these generated genetically matched human organs and tissues will lead to success!
In order to avoid further ethical concerns, the pig human hybrid was terminated after 28 days!
This debate will definitely continue because 22 people die on a daily basis in America waiting for organ transplant.


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