Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that does great deal in lengthening the muscles to shape a lean, toned look. Here you can explore 5 yoga poses that tighten and lift your butt, which will help women get strong butt muscles. Whether you have a bubble or flat butt, this tightening yoga workout will do the magic.
Maybe you don’t think that yoga can replace a high intensity workout, but when done correctly it will definitely challenge your muscles.

5 Yoga Poses To Tighten And Lift Your Butt
Equipment needed: A yoga mat or some other soft surface and water for hydration.
What you should do: Watch each of the exercises, and then try to perform each for 5 breaths on every leg. Complete two series of 5 breaths for every pose.

These are the exercises:
1. Tree Pose
2. Downward Dog with Leg Lifts to Ab Crunch
3. Chair Pose
4. Crescent Lunge
5. Bridge Pose


Yoga improves overall health and wellness
Practicing yoga is not just a workout it is also a healthy lifestyle. Yoga’s essential components such as deep breathing and meditation help relieve stress and open the mind making you more focused in your everyday life.
Here is what Linda Schlamadinger McGrath, founder of Yoga source Los Gatos in California has to say about yoga:” “On a physical level, yoga can help you improve flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. On an energetic level, it teaches you how to fight stress. On a psychological level, practicing yoga helps to grow mindfulness by changing your awareness to the emotions, sensations and thoughts that accompany certain pose or exercise.”