Besides that sunflower is one of my favorite flowers, its plenty seeds are full with benefits that will help you feel lively every day. They’re simply available at any time of the year, and just a small amount of them can change dramatically your daily spirit. Here we are talking about 5 amazing benefits of sunflower seeds that can persuade you to include them in your daily nutrition.

Preventing cancer

These seeds control the damage of the cells, and for that keeping you away from cancer. This comes from the fact that sunflower seeds are good source of selenium, which is a confirm enemy of cancer.

 Healthy bones

They contain minerals that keep your bones healthy sunflower seeds have magnesium and cooper two mineral that besides calcium help your bones to stay strong. And they also contain Vitamin E, for easing arthritic pain.

Keeping you calm

It’s true. The magnesium in these seeds is responsible for calming the nerves, releasing you from stress, headaches and makes you feel relaxed. They also contain tryptophan that helps produce serotonin which relieves tension.

sunflower seeds

 Brings glow to your skin

This is because of the Vitamin E again, which fights UV rays and takes care your skin to stay young.


Sunflower seeds can ease many inflammatory conditions like gastric ulcers, joint pain, skin eruptions, asthma and others. This is because they are full with antioxidants.

Including these healthy snacks in your daily diet can be very easy. Just a small handful of these seeds can be enough to keep heart troubles away. You can eat seeds in raw form or you can put them in your favorite tuna or chicken salad, sandwiches, pasta, rice, stir them into yogurt with other nuts etc. So if you remember to eat these little gems every day you will feel the amazing benefits that these seeds can bring to you.