From MSG, BPA to different prescription drugs, vaccines, toxins, household cleaners, environmental chemicals and pesticides, kids are exposed to large amounts of toxic materials. These chemicals are present everywhere in the modern world and they are causing different diseases and conditions. The first thing you should know is to understand where these toxins are actually coming from and then remove them and implement a healthy lifestyle that will flush out the bodies of your children.

Childhood Health and Toxins

The toxic exposure in the world is increasing year by year. Today there are many children who take prescription drugs. 12 million kids in America under age 18 suffer from behavioral and developmental disabilities.

1 in 150 children were the autism rates in 2000, 1 in 88 by 2008. The rate of ADHD is increased by 25% in the period between 2001 and 2010. Cancer is definitely the main reason for death by diseases in kids under 15 years.

Toxicity and Children

Unfortunately, many children are exposed to the same toxic materials as adults. Sadly, children are far more vulnerable than adults because they breathe more air, consume more food and drink more water than adults.

These are the most dangerous toxins your children are exposed to:

  1. Soda pop

Large amounts of phosphoric acid are consisted in this item which completely dissolve the teeth of the children and also softens the bones as well. The high fructose corn syrup causes diabetes, obesity and toxicity.

  1. Pesticides in the food, home and environment

By inhalation or accidental skin exposure, different toxins get into our bodies. We consume meat that contains large amounts of pesticides.

  1. Toxins in household cleaning products

The chemicals consisted in different cleaning products such as bleach and window cleaner can be fatal if swallowed. Most of these products are absorbed through our skin or by inhalation.

  1. Toxins in products such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap

You will definitely not recognize 99% of the ingredients if you read the back of your shampoo. These chemicals are easily absorbed through the skin.

  1. Toxins in Laundry products

The chemicals that give the fragrance to our clothes are cancer causing chemicals. They are absorbed through the skin and into the body.

  1. Toxins in fast and processed foods

Different flavors, artificial colors, nitrates, preservatives and synthetic chemicals are consisted in processed and fast foods that you give to your children (especially hot dogs).

  1. MSG in foods

MSG is literally everywhere. Here is how to avoid being secretly poisoned by this extremely toxic chemical.

  1. Prescription drugs

These drugs are inherently toxic and dangerous. They are actually dangerous as street drugs such as speed and meth.

Unfortunately, most of the parents do not think twice about giving antibiotics and prescription drugs to their children. Even more, many parents give prescribed antidepressants with extremely dangerous and devastating effects.

  1. Toxins in vaccines

You should completely inform yourself before vaccinate your child. Vaccines are full of different chemicals that damage the health of your child, regardless of your vaccine decision.

Here are just some of the ingredients consisted is vaccine according to CDC.

-Ammonium Sulfate

-Soy Protein extracts

-Egg Protein extracts

-Chicken embryo cells

-Calf serum protein

-Monkey kidney cells

-Cells from pig and horse blood

-Human cells from aborted fetal tissue

-Antibiotics (neomycin, streptomycin)

-Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

-GMO yeast

-Aluminum- highly associated with Alzheimer’s disease

-Mercury (thimerosal), especially in flu vaccines

-Formaldehyde- also used to preserve dead things

  1. Mercury Fillings

Long term neurological damage can be caused by mercury fillings. This is definitely the most dangerous toxin, from vaccine to other chemicals.


Article source: real faramcy