We all experience the food coma sometimes. It is that feeling when you’re sluggish, bloated and sleepy after every meal.
We can blame unhealthy food for that. But what when we are eating healthy and this is still happening?
Unfortunately, we are not aware that this is a result of an unhealthy habits we’ve developed.

3 Unhealthy Habits That Cause Indigestion Bloating and Acid Reflux

We will show you top 3 unhealthy eating habits you should avoid:

Eating protein and starch together

Burger and fries. Steak and mashed potato. Eggs Benedict. After all these meals, all we want is to pass out on the sofa.
Eating large amounts of proteins (chicken, fish, eggs, and beef) and starch (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice) can cause acid reflux and indigestion.
The proteins have a slower rate of digestion, while the starches digest much faster.
When consumed, starches should be pretty quickly digest in the stomach and go to the next stage, in the small intestine. When they are mixed up with the proteins, they have to stay around and wait until the proteins are digested too.
When the starches stay too long in the stomach, they ferment, or release gases, which makes us to feel bloated.


Eat the starch first, then protein. We shouldn’t overdo with starch, a small portion is enough.
P.S. it is allowed to eat veggies with protein and starch at the same time.

Drinking cold water with meals

Recommended temperature of drinking water should be room temperature.
If we drink ice-cold water, it will constrict the blood vessels, so the food will digest slower. And the body’s energy will get diverted. Instead of using the energy to digest the food it will use it to regulate the body temperature. And all this is totally unnecessary.


Think Japanese. Before a meal, order hot water or green tea and slowly sip it. Or just mention to the server “room temperature”.

Drinking too much water with your meal

It is great to have water with your meal, but in small sips.
Drinking lots of water along with the food will make you feel bloated later.
The hydrochloric acid (HCL) is super acid that helps in the process of digestion. If we drink too much water, we are going to dilute this acid. The digestion will be slower and the bloating is inevitable.


You can drink lots of water an hour before meals. Or after.