When it comes to food, to eat or not to eat is the main question for every person who suffer from diabetes. The best foods for diabetes are vegetables, fruits and not processed whole foods. Good fat and lean protein reduce the risk of diabetes and control blood sugar level. You can significantly lower the risk of heart diseases and diabetes and improve the nutritional intake by consuming at least some of the foods on this list.


Today we will present you 25 foods that will improve your overall health and you can consume them without any fear of aggravating diabetes. The following foods are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

1. Apples

These fruits can really protect us against diabetes. According to the study that was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, people who consumed 4-5 apples per week had 23% decrease risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
However, the portion must be considered because too much sugar may increase your blood sugar levels. Your LDLs can be significantly reduced by the presence of antioxidants in these fruits.


This food is rich in strong antioxidant – glutathione, that prevents cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. It also boosts the production of insulin and control blood sugar level.


These fruits are rich in unsaturated fats. Many studies have found link between diabetes and avocados.

According to the research that was conducted in 2008, people who consumed larger quantities of good fats were 25% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. This fruit must be included into your diet!


You can significantly reduce blood pressure and control blood glucose and A1C and reduce the risk of stroke by consuming a cup of legumes on a daily basis.


The large amounts of fiber in these fruits control blood sugar levels and lower the risk of cognitive diseases and diabetes. By decreasing inflammation and suppressing tumor growth, blueberries also prevent cancer. You can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 23% by implementing blueberries into your diet.


Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli contain sulfur called glucosinolates that lower the risk of heart issues, diabetes and cancer.

7. Carrots

These veggies are rich in beta carotene which produce Vitamin A, extremely important for your immunity and eyesight.
Beta carotene also significantly reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.


This food should be included in your diabetic meal plan apart from preventing urinary tract infections. The presence of strong antioxidants and phytonutrinets lower blood pressure, improve HDL cholesterol and reduce LDL cholesterol.


Herring, tuna, lake trout, salmon, mackerel, sardines and halibut are extremely rich in omega 3 which reduce the risk of arrhythmia. Fish reduce the risk of diabetes and stroke so implement it into your diet.


Diabetic people should increase the consumption of this seed because it reduces hemoglobin A1C, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose levels.

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This veggie has been used as medicine for thousands of years ago. Garlic has been used to treat cancers, high blood pressure, heart issues and high cholesterol. In order to boost the active compounds in it, let the garlic rest for 10 min before cooking.


Curcumin – the active compounds in this spice is excellent against diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, reverses insulin resistance and regulates fat metabolism in the body. This superfood has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

13. Melons

Pepino, Persian, Crenshaw, casaba, honeydew, muskmelon, cantaloupe and watermelon are varieties of melons. The presence of lycopene in its content makes watermelon ideal in the fight against heart issues.


These nuts are full of anti-high cholesterol, anti-viral, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties which reverse heart issues and diabetes. The nuts are also rich in phytochemicals, vitamin E, fiber, omega 3s and L agrinine. Two ounces of mixed nuts lowers LDL cholesterol and blood sugar.


This food is rich in starch. By delaying the process of digestion, oatmeal prevents the rise in blood glucose. This food significantly regulates the blood sugar levels.


Quinoa delays hunger and prevents blood sugar surges. It is rich in vitamin B6, iron, manganese, magnesium, fiber, folate and carbs.


These fruits are extremely rich in dietary fiber. Their edible seeds are full of ellagic acid which counters inflammation, reduces blood sugar and prevents insulin resistance.

18. Red Grapefruit

This grapefruit has larger amounts of antioxidants than the white one. It is also high in soluble fiber and Vitamin C which make perfect cure for different ailments.

19.Red Onions

This onion has larger amounts of anti oxidants than the white one. This veggie is excellent against asthma, cancer, cardiovascular issues and lowers the risk of chronic issues.

20. Red Bell Peppers

These veggies are packed with lycopene and vitamin C and A. They improve our overall heath and reduce the risk of some types of cancer, diabetes and heart issues. This food is one of the richest sources of antioxidants.

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21. Soy

This high quality protein is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is rich in alpha linolenic acids, iron, potassium, zinc, folate, niacin and serum that lowers cholesterol levels.


This leafy green is full of beta carotene – used by the organism to produce vitamin A. It protects us from free radicals and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

23. Sweet potatoes

These veggies significantly lower the blood sugar levels and are full of soluble fiber which slows digestion and lowers cholesterol. The presence of carotenoids in their content promotes the body’s insulin response and reduces insulin resistance.


This spice is rich in mineral called chromium which boosts the effects of insulin. This powerful spice reduces the blood sugar levels, protects against heart diseases and reduces systemic inflammation.

25.Olive oil

This oil is extremely rich in anti-inflammatory components which prevent insulin resistance. This Mediterranean miracle significantly reduces the risk of diabetes and heart issues.

By implementing some of the foods that we listed above, you will definitely keep diabetes away and also improve your overall health.