Coca-Cola, the most popular drink has so high amounts of acid that actually can destroy enamel of the tooth and make the teeth predisposed to decay.
Some test show that the acidity of Coca-Cola is extremely high, even 2.5 pH level. To clarify, water has 7 pH value, and the battery has 1.
Therefore, consumption of Coca-Cola is definitely harmful for our health, but it can be used as domestic cleaner.

20 Practical Uses For Coca Cola  Here Is A Proof That Coke Doesnt Belong In The Human Body 1

Here we will present you 20 ways how to use Coca-Cola:

1. It cleans the blood stains from the clothes.
2. If you want to polish pennies, soak them in Coke.
3. Coke can be used to descale a kettle.
4. It clean the toilet well. Pour it into the toilet pan, leave it, and after some time, flush it.
5. Successfully eliminate the grease stains from the fabrics and the clothes.
6. To clean the stains from oil in the garage, pour Coke on the floor and wash it.
7. Because of the high value of acid, it kills snails and slugs.
8. Coke can remove the rust stains from the pool. Pour 2 liters of Coca-Cola in the pool, and leave it for a while to act.
9. To eliminate rust and rusty bolts, soak a sponge or an aluminum foil in some Coke.
10. You can clean car battery terminals if you pour a bit of Coke on them.
11. You can remove the gum that is stick in the hair, if you dip the hair in a Coke for about 2 minutes.
12. Coke can also clean engines.
13. Dip a towel in a Coke and apply it on your furniture’s paint stains to clean them.
14. To clean the tile grout from the kitchen floor, pour a Coke, leave it, and then wash it.
15. Coke helps to remove or fade hair dye.
16. Coke, in combination with aluminum foil, can polish Chrome.
17. Coke can clean the stains from your vitreous china.
18. To clean the stains from a marker on the carpet, pour a bit of Coke, scrub, and wash it with soapy water.
19. Coke can dissolve a tooth. If you put a tooth in a container with Coke, and sealed it, after some time it will dissolve.
20. You can clean your burnt pans with Coke. Pour it in a pan, leave it to act and then clean it.
If Coca-Cola can do all this, they you should consider what it can do to your stomach lining and to the entire body.