Castor oil has been used in the treatment of different diseases and conditions such as parasitical worms, cold, fevers etc.
There a numerous reasons to believe and use the amazing medicinal properties of this oil.
You can try and test its strong beneficial effects at your home.

18 Genius Ways To Use Castor Oil At Home


1.Treats Inflamed Skin

Bites, sunburns, acne and cracked skin can be cured by this powerful oil. You should simply apply it on the affected part of the skin and let it act for 60 min. Perform this technique 2-3 times on a daily basis.

2.Removes cataracts

Eliminate cataracts by applying a drop of castor oil in your eyes. Do this before go to sleep because it is stocky and blurs the vision. Make a mixture between 2-3 drops of distilled water and one drop of ACV and then apply to your eyes – you can also use eyedrops.

3.Healthy lips

Castor oil is the ideal solution when it comes to dry and cracked lips.

4.Relieves Itchiness and Moisturizes The Skin

As castor oil easily enters the skin tissues, it is perfect in moisturizing itchy and dry skin. You only have to rub some oil over your skin.

5.Relieves Joint and Muscle Pain

This oil also relieves pain and boosts circulation. You can boost its healing and soothing effect by applying it with peppermint or chamomile oil.

6.Treats Back Pain

Only a few people know that this oil is excellent against back pain. You can get rid of stiffness and pain by simply massaging the affected parts of the body with this oil and then cover it with clean, soft cloth.
In order to ensure that the oil penetrates deeply your skin tissues, apply a hot water pack over it and let it stay until it is cold.


7.Banishes Skin Tags and Warts

The presence of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in this oil eliminate the appearance of warts and tags. Apply this miracle oil on your tags and warts until they are gone.

8.Removes Blemishes

This oil is ideal for removing the appearance of pigmentation, stretch marks, scars and blemishes. Castor oil is extremely rich in fatty acids which promote healthy skin.

9.Enriches your hair color

Castor oil makes your hair vibrant, younger, moisturizes it and prevent it from going away. Warm a tbsp of this oil and run through your hair by using your fingertips.

10.Promotes hair growth and healthy scalp

This oil is also excellent for your scalp. It promotes healthy hair, prevents itchiness, baldness, microorganisms and scalp infections.

11.Natural Mascara

Melt a tbsp of beeswax and add 2 tbsp of charcoal or cocoa powder and castor oil. Mix it well and enjoy your 100% natural mascara!

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12.Stops colic in infants

Apply some castor oil with your warm palm on the child’s abdomen in order to prevents colic.

13.Assisting a good night’s sleep

You can significantly improve your sleep by applying a small amount of this oil in your eyes. It will give you deeper sleep and longer sleeping period.

14.Treats Hemorrhoids

You can shrink your hemorrhoids by using this oil. Apply some oil on your hemorrhoids by using cotton ball. Let it act for 15 min and apply a clean pad if you insist on moving about. Repeat this process a few times per day.

15.Natural Laxative

You can cleanse your digestive tract by consuming this oil. The advisable dosage for children is 1-2 tsp for children older than 2 and 1-2 tbsp for adults.

16.Cures your pet’s wounds

The presence of strong antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties in this oil make it ideal for speeding up the process of healing of your pets.

17.Cures fungal diseases

This oil is also excellent for athlete’s foot and ringworm. Apply some oil on your foot before go to sleep. Perform this procedure until the fungal infection is gone.


18.All around lubricant

This miracle oil offers a wide range of uses in your house. It can be used for either cold and hot temperatures.

Note: Before using castor oil it is recommended to consult your doctor about any possible side effects.