Did you know that around 70 % of olive oil at the stores in U.S. is fake? It is cut with cheaper oils like sunflower and canola oil.
Namely, seven of the largest olive oil manufacturers in the U.S. have been cutting olive oil with cheaper ones, to lower the cost of production.

Similar thing happened in 2008 in Italy in a major affair known as “Operation Golden Oil.”
It resulted with the seizure of 85 oil farms that actually added chlorophyll to canola and sunflower oil, and later sold it as extra virgin olive oil.
The oil was colored, mixed, flavored and perfumed.
These happenings made the government of Australia to open an investigation on their market, and the results were devastating.
After the tests, no one of the brands labeled as “extra virgin olive oils” get the certification in 2012 as pure olive oil.
All of this made the California University to study 124 brands of extra virgin oil. Again the results discovered that around 70% of them didn’t pass the test.

Below are the brands that did not pass the test:

• Mezzetta
• Carapelli
• Pompeian
• Primadonna
• Mazola
• Sasso
• Colavita
• Whole Foods
• Antica Badia
• Star
• Safeway
• Felippo Berio
• Bertolli
• Coricelli

On the other hand, these are the brands that are trustworthy:

• McEvoy Ranch Organic
• Lucero
• Corto Olive
• Bariani Olive Oil
• Omaggio
• California Olive Ranch
• Ottavio
• Cobram Estate
• Lucini
• Kirkland Organic
• Olea Estates

You can test the olive oil at your home, too. Put the bottle of the olive oil in the fridge for 30 minutes. If it starts to solidify, it is pure olive oil. If it doesn’t solidify, then it is fake.
If you want to be 100% sure, see the official seal approved by the government like “California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin” and “Australian Extra Virgin Certified”
It is time to stop supporting this corrupt industry of GMO’s, chemical additives and unhealthy alternatives. Out health matters, as well as money, so let’s fight to get the products what we pay for.


Source: healthyfoodhouse.com