Many people are not aware of the danger presents in their bedroom, where they spend big time of the day. We all have cancer causing thing in our bedrooms, and as soon we start changing it, it will be better for our health.

Here are the 12 cancer-causing things you should improve into the bedroom ASAP:

1. Replace the pillows and also pillow cases with safe, organic materials.
Did you know that cotton uses are 25% of the insecticides and 14% of pesticides in the world?
So, it would be better to replace all the cotton beddings with ones from organic material.

2. Get an air cleaner that does not contain ozone. There are portable cleaners that you can move from room to room.

3. Replace or remove all artificial fabrics from the closet, bedding, and bedroom. Synthetics are made from thermoplastic and when heated, this thermoplastic releases plastic molecules.

4. Remove any shades or drapes that are chemically treated. You can replace them with organic. But if it is too expensive you can ask someone to sew curtains. Also, wood blinds are also great alternative.

5. Replace your mattress, or at least cover it. The mattresses are splayed with chemicals and flame retardants that can be dangerous for your health. If replacing is expensive for you, there is a foil barrier cloth to wrap the mattress in.

6. Avoid putting electric devices in the bedroom, because they disrupt sleep.

7. Replace or remove all artificial clothes. Coal, natural gas or oil is the basis of these synthetics. Over time they can become very dangerous, so the best option is to change them with organic materials.

8. Replace the furniture or pieces of furniture that are made from artificial leather. Artificial materials contain PVC, which is considered as very dangerous fabric that disturb the endocrine system.

9. You should have outdoor and indoor shoes in order to avoid the contaminants inside the house.

10. When paint your room make sure to use No-VOC paint which is made from non-volatile organic compounds. When you use VOC paint, it vaporizes in the air, making reaction with different elements, producing ozone. Ozone pollutes the air and can cause difficulties with the respiratory system.

11. Remove old rugs, because they collect dust mites, dirt, and can cause problems especially for asthma patients. Also, they are made from polyester, olefin, nylon and produced with antimony which is a toxic chemical.

12. If your furniture contains MDF or it’s made from particle board you have to remove it. MDF consists formaldehyde, which is threatening to the respiratory system and can cause different conditions including cancer. As an alternative you can find wooden furniture or metal or glass tables and desks.