You may think that is impossible Apple Cider Vinegar to offer so many benefits. But, it’s true.
Consuming ACV daily is a sure way to improve your health and your life.
Organic, raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered ACV is one of the oldest and most beneficial remedies.

11 Reasons You Should Drink One Tablespoon Of Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day
It is rich in raw enzymes and bacteria that are responsible for the many health benefits.
We will present you 11 reasons why you should consume ACV every day.
Always mix 1 tablespoon of ACV with 8 ounces of water, because if you drink ACV straight it may burn the esophagus. You can always add raw honey if you don’t like the taste.

1. It Will Help Our Body Maintain a Good Alkaline pH Level

For better health our bodies need to be more alkaline. A small change in our pH can have a big effect on body functioning.
When consumed ACV becomes alkaline. If we keep our bodies more alkaline, we naturally keep the levels of energy up and also, the body is able to fight all diseases and illnesses.

2. Drinking ACV Helps in Regulation of Blood Sugar

According to a study of Dr. Carol Johnston, professor and director of the Nutrition Department at Arizona State University, drinking ACV at meal time reduces postprandial glycaemia and increases satiety, both metabolic effects that benefit people with have issues with pre-diabetes and diabetes.
The scientists found that consuming 2 tablespoons of ACV mixed with water before bedtime lowered levels of blood sugar of 4-6 % by morning.

3. Drinking ACV Helps Lower Blood Pressure

ACV contains potassium, which helps with balance of sodium levels and keeps the optimal blood pressure. This way it reduces the risk of heart disease.
ACV also contains magnesium, which relax the walls of the blood vessels and lower the blood pressure.

4. Drinking ACV Improves Heart Health

ACV increases good cholesterol or HDL and help control triglycerides.
It contains chlorogenic acid – the antioxidant that protects LDL cholesterol particles to oxidize, a core step in the process of disease of the heart.

5. It Promotes Healthy Detoxification of the Liver and Other Organs

ACV helps in the body detoxification and that way keeps the balance of the body’s pH. The researchers discovered that it specifically detox the liver and helps stimulate circulation.
Other benefits are: helping in the healing processes of the skin, cleansing the lymph nodes, breaking up mucus. Healthy lymphatic system successfully removes the toxins and that way the body has a better immune system.

6. Drinking ACV Eliminates Candida Overgrowth

Consuming ACV can help in eliminating Candida. Candida can cause many health issues, including fatigue, poor memory, headaches, depression, yeast infections and sugar cravings.
ACV is fermented with useful yeast that acts as a prebiotic, helping the good bacteria to grow.

7. Drinking ACV Eases Digestive Ailments

ACV can help bloating, indigestion, gas and heartburn. ACV contains healthy acids like isobutryic, acetic, propionic and lactic acid that aids control the growth of bacteria and unwanted yeast in the stomach.
This is not a case if you have an ulcer.

8. Drinking ACV Accelerates Weight Loss

Consuming 2 teaspoons of ACV with 16 ounces of water may boost weight loss.
Participants in one study, who consumed ACV for 3 months managed to lose weight and also waist circumference, abdominal fat and triglycerides.

9. Drinking ACV Can Help to Prevent Osteoporosis

ACV assists in the nutrient absorption of calcium, which is an essential mineral that help in osteoporosis prevention. By consuming ACV daily you will strengthen your bones.

10. Drinking ACV Slows the Aging Process

The antioxidant properties of ACV help in premature aging by slowing down this process. The key role in this is the ACV’s ability to keep the stability of the alkaline and acid balance in the body.

11. It Assists In the Fight against Free Radical Damage

Free radicals kill a variety of germs and that way fight infections. But when we have an overproduction of free radicals, then a lot of problems can show up.
Overproduction of free radicals can cause damage to cell membranes, tissues or even DNA because antioxidant nutrients or enzymes can handle them. All of this may result with diseases as ulcers, arthritis, emphysema and immune disorders.
ACV is rich with antioxidants that help the reducing of free radicals in the body.