Many people experience symptoms such as brittle nails, thinning hair, sexual dysfunction, menstrual dysfunction, constipation, fatigue and weight gain.
However, all of them actually indicate one specific issue – Hormonal Imbalance – even though they are different.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

For ex: poor sleep and fatigue indicate that you suffer from your adrenal gland.
The combination of fatigue and signs such as thinning hair, brittle nails, constipation and weight gain indicate that you have problems with your thyroid gland.

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Menopausal and menstrual issues often indicate imbalance with the estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. The imbalance of these three essential hormones leads to fatigue and weight gain.
If your diet is full of starches and sweets, you can also experience weight gain. Do not forget that the large amounts of carbs can lead to insulin resistant.

How Conventional Testing Can Be Sub-par

Looking and feeling ill is not something that is common when you get old. It actually indicates that there is a problem with your hormones.
You may visit your doctor regularly and check your thyroid, blood sugar and adrenals and found out that you do not have any issue with them, but suffer from a hormonal imbalance indeed!
However, balancing your hormones is definitely the best thing you should do.

Here are the most powerful tips that will help you balance your hormones, no matter how old you are!

1. Unwind Yourself
Do not forget to relax yourself through hanging out with your friends, laughing, dancing, singing or watching a movie. Meditation is also another excellent way to balance your hormones.

2. Minimize the meds
Medications cause hormone imbalance and stress out the microbiome. It would be perfect to avoid them as much as you can. Take small dose or make sure you avoid long-term exposure if you must take them.

3. Cut the chemicals
In order to balance your hormones make sure to lower the exposure to chemicals because we are permanently exposed to chemicals found in cosmetic, household cleaner, food and water.

4. Cool it on the stimulants
Regardless if it is in the form of tea, energy drinks, soda and coffee, the excessive intake of caffeine can interfere with the hormones.

5. Aim to sleep better
The lack of sleep can really harm your overall health and imbalance your hormones because it regenerate your tissues and inhibit the ability of the organism to release the hormones.

6. Avoid the consumption of inflammatory foods
Gluten, sugar and processed foods represent inflammatory foods.

7. Be good to your microbiome
Fiber and fermented foods are really beneficial for the gut. They take control of bad bacteria and support good bacteria. They also boost your hormones and improve the process of digestion.

8. Try to reduce sugar fruits, legumes and grains for 2 weeks
Most of the people who are carb-intolerant are not actually aware of it. You can become insulin resistant by consuming large amounts of carbs that often cause metabolic issues.

9. Consume healthy fats
You can stimulate the production of hormones by consuming healthy fats that also boost your energy, suppress carvings increase the feeling of satiety.

10. Avoid the consumption of starches and sweets
The functions of the hormones will be overloaded by consuming large amounts of starches and sweets. Eliminate them completely or limit their intake in order to see the reaction of the body.


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