Everybody knows that water is one of the most important nutrients for survival. Water fights infections, aging process and keeps us healthy besides quenching our thirst or keeping us alive.

64 ounces per day is the recommended dose of water. Other expert claims that we should consume 1/2 ounce for every pound of our body weight.
Unfortunately, most of the people do not follow this rule so they are not able to experience all the beneficial effects of fresh and clean water.

The Best Anti-Aging Benefits of Water

1. Makes you smarter

Your brain is extremely vulnerable if you do not consume enough water. The consumption of water will help you complete more tasks, concentrate and help you be able to focus.
The consumption of water when you only feel thirsty is absolutely harmful for your overall health. You have already gone into slight dehydration when your brain signals that actually need some water.

2.Germs be gone

Water is also excellent for the inside of our bodies. A good soap and some fresh water is the best way to get rid of germs. Fewer germs actually means less diseases and sickness.

3.Weight loss

You will feel significantly full when you will drink water before your meals and thereby you will intake less food. The water also energizes the body to do an extra exercises.

4.Removes Gallstones and Boosts Kidneys

Water removes impurities and waste from the body. It also prevents the formation of gallstones and also keeps many organs including kidneys working with ease. When the bile secreted by your liver doesn’t contain enough water, gallstones create.

5.Makes your skin smooth and soft

Your skin will be more dry out and wrinkle if you do not consume enough water. Soaking your body in a bath tub with a few drops of some essential oil will do wonders to your skin. Using a humidifier in dryer climates is also beneficial for your skin.

6.Lubricates and cushions the joints

The proper amounts of water lubricate your joints, so the people who suffer from gout and arthritis must consume the recommended dose of water. It cushions the joints, hydrates the body and also acts as shock absorber inside your eyes and within your spinal cord.

7.Heals injury and sickness

The water helps in the healing of the body, it flushes out infections and viruses from the body and also cleanses the body from waste and toxins.

8.Keeps body temperature

Water is the essential element for maintaining your body temperature besides it is extremely cold or hot. Water also prevents dehydration and heart stroke that can be caused by hypothermia.

9.Boosts the digestion

Water keeps our body running smooth and acts as an oil in a machine. Constipation and many other issues can be caused if you do not intake enough water so you body get sluggish.

10.Cleans and feeds the cells

All the nutrients in the body will have a hard time being assimilated efficiently and quickly without enough water. This elements dissolves nutrients and carry them where they have to go. Do not forget that more than 60% of our body weight are consisted of water.