Some diseases do not provide symptoms for a long time. And sometimes it is late to treat it, when symptoms show.
Early detection of cancer, one of the most deadly diseases, is crucial in life saving. Often symptoms might seem as one of a cold or a virus, but you must remember that these symptoms are not specific only for one disease.
These are the most common cancer symptoms:

10 Cancer Symptoms That We Usually Ignore

1# Shortness of breath
This symptom is often ignored, but it is the first sign of lung cancer. Shortness of breath and wheezing were very often symptoms at patients with lung cancer, but mistaken for asthma.

2# Chronic cough and chest pain
If these symptoms, are constant or intermittent, please visit a doctor. They can be signs of leukemia or lung cancer.

3# Frequent infections
Getting flu-like and fever symptoms can be the sign of leukemia. Leukemia is producing very high amount of white blood cells, and that way the body is weak to fight with the infections.

4# Difficulty swallowing
These symptoms can be signs of lung or cervical cancer.

5# Swollen lymph nodes occurring under the armpit or groin

Enlarged lymph glands can be indicated by changes in the lymphatic system. If the lump is painless and under the armpit, it can be a sign of breast cancer in women, and if a lump is in the groin or neck, it is a sign of leukemia.

6# Excessive bruising
Bruising in unusual places, like red spots on the face, chest or neck, or on the palms or fingers is also a symptom of leukemia. This is because of the atypical activity of the red blood cells.

7# Pain in the abdominal region or pelvis
Pelvic pain is often ignored, and most of the time it is related to ovarian cysts. But, it can be many other things.

8# Rectal bleeding
Rectal bleeding should never be ignored! The most common symptom of colon cancer is blood in the stool.

9# Weight loss
Sudden weight loss, and you are not on a diet, can be a symptom of colon cancer.

10# Nail changes
Odd nail changes can tell us so much. Black or brown lines can be a signal of skin cancer, while white or pale nails can indicate a liver cancer.